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Weirder Things – ToL Diversion

Tower of London Diversion | Killer Trails

The southern walkway along the edge of the Tower of London (ToL) is currently inaccessible. This is due to the ToL operating a one-way system for their guests. This, unfortunately, means that Clue 12 on Weirder Things Murder Mystery Trail cannot be reached.

But don’t let that stop you!

This is one of our favourite trails and we’d hate you to miss out on doing it. So we’ve written a limited edition clue to replace Clue 12, and re-routed the last segment of the trail so you can still solve the case and have a killer day out!

How to complete the trail:

Download and follow the trail as guided until you reach Clue 11 at St. Dunstan’s Hill. Then follow the directions and clues laid out below instead. We recommend printing this page out and taking alongside the main Murder Mystery Trail document.

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Direction 12

Find a comfy seat in St. Dunstan in the East Church Gardens to solve the following clue.

Clue 12

City of London - Diversion - Clue 12

The words in the left and right columns can all be made into a compound word by adding another word – E.g.


The number in the brackets is the amount of letters in the joining word. Once you’ve solved them, the letters with a red line underneath will spell out the answer to this clue (a single seven-letter word)!

Much like with the Breaking Clues, you can do this Clue at any time if you wish. But we thought these tranquil gardens would make a nice backdrop!

Direction 13

Exit the gardens to walk back up St. Dunstan’s Hill, then turn right. Walk to the end of Great Tower St, then use the pedestrian crossing to safely cross over to the left-hand pavement. Once across, turn right and follow Byward Street, safely crossing Trinity Square as you go. The monument on your left just after Trinity Square is the Tower Hill Memorial. The road you’re on then becomes Tower Hill. Follow Tower Hill just past the Towel Hill Memorial until you reach the next pedestrian crossing, but don’t cross it. Walk up the steps to your left, then turn slightly right where you’ll see the Sundial of Tower Hill Tube Station.

Clue 13

The last two Clues have flipped their order. You can now answer Clue 14 from the main Murder Mystery Trail document.

Direction 14

Exit Tower Hill Tube Station down the same set of steps. Use the pedestrian crossing in front to cross over Tower Hill, then turn left. Continue walking around the fence of ToL to solve your final clue! You don’t need to cross any roads.

Final Clue 14!

The last two Clues have flipped their order. You can now answer Clue 13 from the main Murder Mystery Trail document.

Direction 15

Got time to kill? Fancy seeing Tower Bridge up close? If so, continue walking around the fence of ToL in the same direction. As you turn the next corner you’ll see Tower Bridge.

Don’t forget to submit your answer at to receive a certificate and a voucher for your next trail!

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