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Murder Mystery Trails

The killer way to explore cities across the UK!

Jump into an imaginative self-guided city tour experience for just £12.99. Discover historical landmarks, find hidden clues and solve puzzles as you follow the trail to ultimately deduce whodunit.

What is a Murder Mystery Trail?

What is a Murder Mystery Trail?

Good question detective! Our Murder Mystery Trails are imaginative treasure hunts with a twist. Solve cryptic clues as you follow the route to discover pieces of evidence, eliminate suspected characters and weapons, and ultimately deduce whodunit. These self-guided walking tours take you on a thrilling journey past historical landmarks and points of interest, offering a unique way to explore touristy hotspots around the UK.

Whether a local or visiting somewhere for the first time, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for locations around the UK as you discover hidden gems and compelling factoids about your surroundings. Our trails are challenging adventures full of riddles, cryptic puzzles and gripping stories for anyone who loves to explore, socialise and learn. They’re ideal for groups of 2-6 people and only one purchase is required per group. So, at just £12.99 our Murder Mystery Trails make for such an affordable day out! Got time to kill and up for a challenge? Inspect our trails...

How do they work?

How do they work?

Our trails are self-guided walking tours. This means you can conquer them at your own pace, taking as many detours and pit-stops as you desire. We’ve investigated all the highlights each location has to offer which have been carefully crafted into our Killer Trails, so there’s plenty of selfie opportunities along each route. Without realising it, you'll soon have walked a mile and already be dying to solve your next case.

Simply download a trail from our website to print at home, or alternatively view the trail using any smartphone or tablet device. Trails are immediately available as soon as you place your order, so you can get solving the case right away!

Who are they aimed at?

Who are they aimed at?

Our creative team has devised compelling narratives for each trail that are full of pop culture parodies for the eagle-eyed detective. Characters, plots and clues are often inspired by and pay homage to some of our favourite works of fiction from the past century. You’ll get a kick out of our trails if you enjoy escape rooms, puzzles, scavenger hunts, ghost and historical tours, murder mysteries and board games.

Our Murder Mystery themed trails are ideal for a thrilling day out with family, friends, spouses or colleagues. Highly addictive for adults and the whole family, you’ll be gutted you didn’t find out about us sooner.

Where can I solve one?

Where can I solve one?

Our trails are spread out all across the UK and we’re now into double figures (whoop whoop!). The majority are based in major touristy hotspots. So, why not start plotting a killer day out with one of our thrilling trails? We firmly believe our trails are the best way to explore and learn about a new area.

We strive for quality over quantity and meticulously craft every trail from scratch, ensuring each one is to die for. Whilst we would kill to have trails in every town and city, we’re a young company with a small team, so please bear with us as we steadily smother the entire UK!

Experience our latest killer trail!

London's West End Murder Mystery Trail

Would you like to explore the spectacular streets of London’s West End whilst solving a murder mystery case?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, detective! The Monopoly Murders is an imaginative self-guided city tour experience that escorts you on a thrilling journey past some of Europe’s most visited attractions. Along the way, you’ll discover historical landmarks and hidden gems, solve mind-bending puzzles and find hidden clues to ultimately deduce whodunit. The game is afoot! Are you up for the challenge?

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