Terrain and Accessibility of Our trails

Our trails are predominantly located within city centres and are fairly easy walks. As we love historical areas for our trails, many pass through cobbled streets, but generally, the routes are all paved or solid.

While we strive to avoid steps and obstacles that may pose difficulties for some participants, this may not always be achieved or feasible. We are also making efforts to provide alternative routes and detours for our trails where possible.

Detours to avoid steps and obstacles

Bristol Old City Murder Mystery Trail:

  • The route passes up a large set of steps on Christmas Steps between Colston Avenue and Colston Street; a clue is solved at each end of the steps. To go around them, solve the clue at the foot of Christmas steps, then follow Host Street. At the end of the road, turn right onto Colston Street. Follow Colston Street until you reach Christmas Steps 1 on your right (just past the Chapel of the Three Kings of Cologne) to solve the clue at the top of the steps and rejoin the trail route.
  • A slight detour can also avoid passing down Market Steps in Direction 13.1; continue to the end of St. Nicholas Street, turn right onto High Street, and then right again onto Baldwin Street to rejoin the trail route. 

Edinburgh Old Town Murder Mystery Trail:

  • The route passes up a set of steps on Anchor Close in Direction 2. To go around them, continue to the end of Cockburn Street, then turn right onto High Street and rejoin the trail route.
  • In Direction 9, the trail route passes down two large sets of steps south of the Castle, Castle Wynd N and Patrick Geddes Steps (AKA Castle Wynd S), to reach the Grassmarket. To avoid these steps, go back along Castlehill, which leads onto Lawnmarket. Outside Deacon Brodies Tavern, use the pedestrian crossing to cross over the road, then continue straight onto George IV Bridge. Take the next right onto Victoria Street/W Bow. Then turn right onto Grassmarket to solve Clue 9 and rejoin the trail route. After this clue, you’ll come back along Victoria Street/W Bow.
  • In Direction 12, the trail route passes down a set of steps to exit Greyfriars Kirkyard via the north entrance. To avoid these steps, exit via the east gate (next to Greyfriars Bobby’s Bar), turn left onto Candlemaker Row and rejoin the trail route.

City of London Murder Mystery Trail:

  • The route passes up and down a set of steps in front of The Fenchurch Building (AKA The Walkie Talkie) in Clue 10. To avoid these steps, exit Philpot Lane onto Eastcheap, turn left onto Rood Lane, and turn right onto Plantation Lane to rejoin the route and solve this Clue.
  • In Direction 13, the route passes up a set of steps from St. Katherine’s Way (near where the road meets Cloister Walk) onto Tower Bridge Approach (A100). For step-free access to Clue 13, continue north along St. Katherine’s Way using the right-hand pavement, then, at the end of this road, use the available pedestrian crossings to cross over Tower Bridge Approach to rejoin the trail route.
  • The final Clue is solved on the sundial outside Tower Hill Underground Station, which is only accessible via a set of steps. For step-free access to the station itself, approach from Trinity Square.

Winchester Murder Mystery Trail:

  • Clue 7 is solved between two sets of steps next to The Great Hall using the Hampshire Jubilee Sculpture. To avoid these steps and skip Clue 7, walk back along Castle Avenue, turn right onto High Street, then take the first right onto Trafalgar Street and rejoin the route.
  • The route also passes down steps on St. Thomas’ Passage in Direction 9. To avoid these steps, go back along Southgate Street and cross to the right-hand pavement when safe. Then, turn right onto St. Clement Street. Continue to the end of this road, safely crossing St. Thomas Street as you go. Turn right onto Little Minster Street, then go down a small alleyway which joins onto Great Minster Street and rejoin the route. 

For accessibility information on each Murder Mystery Trail, refer to their respective product pages on our website. Additionally, you may wish to visit local tourist information centres, accessibility webpages for local councils, or accessibility review websites like Euan’s Guide for additional insights into local accessibility.

If you have any questions regarding the accessibility of a specific trail or would like suggestions for alternative routes or detours, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to help with this. You can reach us via email at, send us a message on Instagram, or use our contact form.

Website Accessibility

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