Edinburgh Old Town Murder Mystery Trail

Thursday Murder Pubs


Only one purchase required for a group of
up to 6 people

Discover historical landmarks & hidden gems

Find clues & solve cryptic puzzles

Self-guided tour – do whenever you like & at your own pace

An abundance of historical & spooky pubs along the route

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Hou’s it gaun?! Would you like to explore the spooky streets and wynds of Auld Reekie whilst solving a thrilling murder mystery-style treasure hunt?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, detective! Thursday Murder Pubs is an immersive treasure hunt with a whodunit twist. This self-guided city tour experience leads you on a hair-raising journey around Scotland’s capital. Along the way, you’ll discover breathtaking landmarks, solve escape room-like puzzles and find hidden clues to ultimately deduce whodunit. Plus, if you’re a fan of historical and spooky pubs, you are truly spoilt for choice on this Edinburgh Murder Mystery Trail. It’s time to get your sleuth on!

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About this thrilling trail

With historical landmarks and spooky pubs to boot, this Edinburgh Murder Mystery Trail has the perfect route plotted out to ensure you see all the highlights in Edinburgh Old Town!

Thursday Murder Pubs – Edinburgh Murder Mystery Trail is a self-guided walking tour that navigates you past the best points (and pints!) of interest that Edinburgh Old Town has to offer, including:

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • St Giles’ Cathedral
  • Greyfriars Kirkyard
  • The Royal Mile
  • Grassmarket (an ideal pitstop with plenty of spooky old pubs!)
  • Countless hidden gems through the city’s courtyards, wynds, and closes

The route for this Edinburgh treasure hunt is a little hilly and approximately 3km long. Allow 2.5 hours to appreciate your surroundings and complete the trail at a leisurely pace. There are plenty of refreshment stops and photo opportunities along the way! The immersive story and cryptic puzzles can make this trail feel more like an outdoor escape room at times.

This trail focuses on Edinburgh’s Old Town, while our other Edinburgh trail explores New Town and Holyrood (see the map above in the product images). Both trails form a loop and collectively make the best way to discover Edinburgh’s must-see landmarks! Ideal for tourists and locals alike. Available for instant download. So, what are you waiting for?!

Edinburgh Old Town trail statistics:

  • Start location: At the corner of Market St and Cockburn St, EH1 1BL (view on Google Maps)
  • End location: Outside the Tolbooth Tavern, 167 Canongate, EH8 8BN. A good spot for a celebratory refreshment!
  • Clue difficulty: 4/5
  • Duration: ~2.5 hours
  • Distance: 3km
  • Terrain: Moderately hilly
  • Wheelchair/buggy accessible: No*

The case synopsis:

Five gruesome murders… Five different taverns… Five separate Thursdays. A sinister serial killer is on the loose, and the criminal mastermind (AKA Crimson Herring) is leaving a deliberate trail of taunting clues. But who is the real identity of this egotistical maniac? Never have your wits been so challenged as in this, your most bloodcurdling case yet. Can you deduce who the serial killer is before they strike again? Wait, what day is it!?

Trail overview:

  • A murder mystery-themed self-guided walking tour around Edinburgh Old Town
  • A unique blend of walking tour, treasure hunt and escape room-like elements
  • Discover historical landmarks and hidden gems as you follow the route
  • Solve clues to uncover evidence, eliminate suspects and other implicated elements, and ultimately deduce whodunit
  • Self-guided tour – do whenever you like and at your own pace
  • Instantly downloadable. Print onto A4 paper, and you're ready to go
  • Alternatively, you can follow the trail using any smartphone or tablet device (see below)
  • Ideal for groups of 2-6 people. Only one purchase required per group, so it makes for an affordable day out
  • Whether a local or visiting somewhere new, our trails are the best way to explore and learn about your surroundings.
  • Solve correctly, and you'll receive a certificate and a voucher towards your next trail!
Discover landmarks
& hidden gems
Find clues &
solve puzzles
Deduce whodunit
to crack the case!
  • Discover landmarks & hidden gems
  • Find clues & solve puzzles
  • Deduce whodunit to crack the case!

Download, print & go!

Our trails are self-guided walking tours, allowing you to sleuth around at your own pace and take as many detours and pit stops as you wish. We’ve investigated all the highlights each location offers, carefully crafting them into each trail. There are plenty of must-see landmarks, selfie opportunities, traditional pubs, and refreshment stops along each route. So, get ready to unlock a whole new world of adventure, as city breaks will never be the same again!

Simply download and print the trail in colour onto A4 paper, and you’re ready to go. No access to a printer? No worries. Alternatively, you can view the PDF trail using any tablet or smartphone device. Make sure to bring along a pen and paper to sketch out occasional clues and note down your answers to complete the finale metapuzzle with a celebratory refreshment. Learn more...

Who is the trail aimed at?

Prepare for a journey filled with hidden gems, fascinating factoids, cryptic puzzles, and intriguing mysteries — perfect for anyone who loves adventure! Our puzzle-filled trails make for a thrilling city break or day out with spouses, friends, colleagues and the whole family. If you enjoy escape rooms, puzzles, scavenger hunts, ghost and historical tours, murder mysteries or board games, you’re in for a killer time. Before you’ve even solved your first Murder Mystery Trail, you’ll be dying to do another!

If you're looking for a stag party or hen-do treasure hunt, then our Murder Mystery Trails are great entertainment and an ideal ice-breaker. Everyone will get to know each other while solving clues and exploring the local area. Plus, there are plenty of traditional pubs and refreshment stops en route! As our trails are self-guided, you can take as many pitstops and detours as you wish. For larger groups, please purchase an additional copy for every six people. For example, ten people require two purchases of a trail. Here are some tips for larger groups.

Plot a killer day out in Edinburgh

With stunningly preserved architecture, a breathtaking castle sitting upon a dormant volcano, and gruesome tales around every corner, it’s no wonder Edinburgh has become a world-famous travel destination.

The beautiful Princes Street Gardens divide the heart of the city into two halves, Old Town and New Town, each offering a different experience. New Town is bursting with a variety of independent shops, characterful pubs, art galleries, and flashy restaurants. The Georgian architecture, regal townhouses, and boutique businesses make it a delightful place for a stroll.

The most sought-after landmarks can be found in Edinburgh Old Town (where this Murder Mystery Trail is located), such as Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile. The Grassmarket is one of our favourite areas, and has been the site of murders, riots, and hundreds of public executions throughout its long history. Some of the capital’s oldest and most haunted pubs can be found here, including The White Hart Inn, The Beehive Inn, and The Last Drop to name a few, making it an ideal refreshment stop along our trail.

With so many historical landmarks in a concentrated area, you truly are spoilt on a wander through the city’s cobbled streets. If you’re searching for fun things to do in Edinburgh, then call off the search! Our “New Town & Holyrood” and “Old Town” Murder Mystery themed treasure hunts capture the essence of the city, leaving you with a clear understanding of what the area has to offer, and a smile on your face. Of all the Edinburgh walking tours available, these imaginative self-guided treasure hunts should be top of your list. They’re a killer day out!

Inspect all of our murder mystery themed trails in Scotland.

*Buggy/wheelchair accessibility: The route passes up and down a few sets of steps. See our suggested diversions to avoid them. The route is all paved or solid. Please note that some road crossing points may not have dropped kerbs and some of the route has cobbled streets. Head to the Ediburgh.org accessibility page or Euan’s Guide for more local information.

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What our trail detectives say...

Fantastic! 5*”

Received this as part of my birthday present and what a fantastic present it was! We had so much fun following the trail and solving the riddles and clues. We enjoyed stopping off at the “pints of interest” and finding out the history of places. I’d never been to Chester before and this trail made sure we got to see and explore everything. The effort put into these trails is incredible – from the trail itself to the riddles, illustrations and thought put into it. I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to do the Chester murder mystery trail, it was great! I’m looking forward to doing another murder mystery trail in another city very soon! 🕵🏻‍♀️👻

Review of Chester's Murder Mystery Trail, by Jacqueline S via Tripadvisor

An absolute MUST if you like adventures!”

The most fun we’ve had in a while! Literally the best self-guided tour/activity that’s super exciting and engaging, while also being informative. Absolute bargain for the price and it’s excited us to complete all of the other Killer Trails!! It’s easy for all age groups to solve and you can take as long as you want to solve it – we definitely took our time, taking in all the beauty of our surroundings and looking at things we normally wouldn’t have looked at. Getting to the end of it and solving the murder was definitely a bonus and super satisfying and rewarding!

Review of York's Murder Mystery Trail, by Radoslava K via Tripadvisor

Fun way to explore”

We wanted to try something new during our valentine’s day trip away and honestly we are hooked – already planning our next trips around where these trails are located! a fun and easy way to explore the city, we cannot recommend enough!

Review of Cambridge's Murder Mystery Trail, by Rheanon Chelsea J via Tripadvisor

Fantastic way to see the city and have fun!”

I took my mum for Mothers Day in a day trip to Winchester, we wanted to see all the sites and have some fun and this was the best way to do it. The trail leads you all around the historic sites and gives you a great chance to find interesting things you wouldn’t normally see.
100% recommend

Great fun”

Previously did the Chester trail which was great fun and a brilliant way to explore a city I didn’t know all that well. Manchester on the other hand I wasn’t sure what to expect as already knew the place very well and thought some of the magic exploring new unseen places might be missing however it was just as fun in its own different way.

I’d highly recommend this to those visiting for the first time and equally those like me who’ve seen the place more than they care to remember!

Oh and bonus points for a spooky experience in one of the pints of interest along the way 👻

Brilliant way to see the city!”

What a brilliant way to see the city! It was so well done. The clues were perfectly hard enough for us to find and work out as a group of mid-20s adults. So reasonably priced! We loved working out what all the clues meant back at our accommodation at the end of the day! I will be doing this again in every new city I can!

Review of Bath's Murder Mystery Trail, by Nicole H via Tripadvisor

A great way to explore!”

Such a great way to explore Oxford! The tour was so fun and engaging, which takes you to lots of key Oxford landmarks! The format also means you can take breaks when you need and keeps it very relaxed! So you can tailor it to your group! Definitely recommend and will be doing another one again!

Perfect activity for my group and me!”

This was the perfect activity for my group and me! One in the group had never been to London before, and the rest of us had been several times. But this trail certainly made sure that we all got to see something we’d never seen before! It was so much fun and the clues were a perfect mix of difficulty! I would highly recommend this activity to anyone interested in experiencing London in a different way.

Fun times for all the family”

Friends and I completed this at the weekend. I’ve lived in Manchester for 8 years now and I still found new things. Great story, would say it’s a medium level in terms of how challenging it was. Highly recommended. Even better with adults having a couple of drinks at key locations.

Affordable, fun, and something different”

The murder mystery trail was so fun and such a unique and engaging way to look at things you wouldn’t normally see, and learn things about York you might miss at other attractions. It’s affordable, fun, and something different. Easy to follow, simple instructions and the perfect level of clue difficulty for all!

Review of York's Murder Mystery Trail, by paranormalpagan via Tripadvisor

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What time does the trail start?

  • You can start the trail whenever you like! Our trails are self-guided walking tours. This means you can sleuth around at your own pace, taking as many detours and pit-stops as you wish. Just download it, print it out, and you're ready to go!

Is the price per person or group?

  • Only one purchase is required for a group of up to six people. So from just £12.99, our Murder Mystery Trails make for an affordable day out.

    Please note: One trail purchase is required for every six people participating. For example, ten people must purchase two copies of a trail.

Can a large group do a trail?

  • Yes! If you’re looking for an activity for a large family outing, work-do, club get-together, or stag/hen party ice-breaker, then our Murder Mystery Trails are great entertainment. Everyone will get to know each other while solving clues and exploring the local area. Plus, there are plenty of traditional pubs and refreshment stops along each route.

Any tips for larger groups?

  • All you need is one printed copy of a trail per group. If there are more than six people in your party, simply split your group into smaller teams, stagger the start times, and compete against each other! Each trail has roughly 14-20 clues to solve. Once you’ve cracked the case, you can see all the clue answers on our website. For scoring, you could compare each team’s clue scores, and why not add in some additional tie-breaking challenges of your own, e.g. the best team photo on the trail. If you'd like to have the answers and certificates ready before you set off, send us a message.

    As our trails are self-guided, you can take as many pitstops and detours as you wish. Although challenging at times, all teams should crack the case. The main point of our trails is to bring everyone together for a fun and affordable day out. The trail routes are full of breathtaking landmarks, hidden gems, selfie opportunities, and plenty of refreshment stops.

How difficult is it?

  • Our trails have a ‘clue difficulty’ rating of 1-5 stars. They are easy to follow, and all should be solvable with some contemplation and logical thinking. A five-star puzzle difficulty would be challenging but totally achievable. Exercise your little grey cells, or else they’ll grow rust! All trails also come with a hints and answers section if you ever get stuck.

Can kids do this trail too?

  • Our Murder Mystery-themed trails are cryptic treasure hunts with a whodunit twist. They're designed for adults, but kids will enjoy helping to find and solve the clues, too! They just might need a hand with some of the more challenging ones. The stories for each Murder Mystery Trail are lighthearted and full of amusing characters, pop culture references and plot twists that will keep you guessing.

Can I do the trail on a phone?

  • Although we recommend printing out the trail, you can view the PDF and follow the route using a tablet or smartphone. Make sure to bring a pen and paper to note down your answers. The culprit is revealed with a final metapuzzle. So, you could draw this out to fill in as you go or complete this bit when back at home with a warm cuppa! Other occasional clues may also need sketching out.

Where can I get the trail printed?

  • If you’re away from home but would prefer a printed version, here are a few ideas:
    • If you’re staying in a hotel, politely ask if the front desk could print your trail.
    • Libraries aren’t just for books, you know! Find a local library using this Google search and use their printing facilities.
    • Office supply stores often provide a printing service. Find a local office supply store with this Google search.

Are there any pubs on the route?

  • Yes! Killer Trails and old spooky pubs go hand in hand. There are plenty of refreshment stops along each route. We make every trail navigate past as many notable and historic pubs as possible. So keep your eyes peeled!

Is the entire trail outside?

  • In short, yes. Our Murder Mystery Trails take you on a journey past historical landmarks and points of interest, offering a unique way to explore touristy hotspots around the UK. To complete the trail, you don't need to enter any paid tourist attractions. But of course, you are welcome to take a break from the trail to visit any attraction or make any stops you like.

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